Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Sunday, September 7, 2014

School work

Tacey and I have been doing school work together it is really nice spending time with her and watching her learn!!


Tacey got a good shiner! All the kids spent the night at Grandma and Grandpas  so Ammon and I got go late to the fair! So we were sleeping in Sunday morning and Mom calls and said Tacey might need stitches she must of hit the counter or I quicklygot readu took herin but luckily they just glued it! she has had stitches twice already so glad we didn't  have to do them again!! crazy Sunday morning anyway!


everyone that doesn't know us always asks us if they are twins! they sure do don't you think?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Ready for Church

My big boys! Looking Handsome! Love them to pieces!


Isn't he the most handsome little guy ever! I am so glad he is mine! He is growing so much lately and learning so much as well! This little guy loves to be with his Dad doing whatever Dad is doing! He is Dad's trapping partner and he loves to go out with him and hunting and trapping season is starting soon! He still loves to play with my hair or even Tacey's for that matter,he loves hair. He like Dinosaurs a lot and like learning about them! Loves anything with motor and wheels! He is my little kitchen helper loves to help me cook and bake! He loves nursery and his nursery teacher and loves to tell me what he learned that day! He is always so nice to everyone, though he does have some moments with his siblings, but what kid doesn't. I can't believe he will be in Primary soon, it is crazy. We are putting him in pre-school a friend is doing one and he is excited to start that!


Taking some fun pictures of the kids! they thought it was fun! They are growing way too fast!